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0 votes
Hello, is it possible to automatically create a PQ or bookmark list from all qualififyed challenges from the map view?
related to an answer for: Challenge checker on bookmarklist
in Support and help by Die drei Landeier (120 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Not automatically but it's pretty easy to do with the VirtualGPS if you're a paid member.

Create a VirtualGPS at

Go to the map you want, if you want all challenges you have qualified for I assume and remembering to exclude "not fulfilled" and archived.

Optional: Remove the ones you've found by clicking the GX-logo and then the smiley-icon.

Click the GPS-icon and choose the polygon-tool, draw around all the caches you want, click the GPS-icon and click the one GPS-icon with a green plus sign. Now all the caches that where inside your polygon is in your VirtualGPS.

Go back to and choose export as GPX or select what bookmark list you want the caches placed in (needs to exist on so you need to make a new one if you want a bookmarklist with only the caches from the VirtualGPS).
by Pleu (23.1k points)