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0 votes

When I use the checker for GC5FNB1, it shows my streak from 2018-2019 and not my current streak. On my profile stats in project-gc, the Most consecutive days with finds:  shows my correct information but it doesn't show it in the checker.

in Support and help by butrflygirl (230 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
The checker shows your current streak if you scroll down below the longest streak.

The checker does not include finds of Lab Caches, you have opted to include Lab Caches in your Profile Stats. Since your longest streak in the challenge checker is an old streak of 116 days I would assume that your current streak have multiple days where you have logged only Lab Caches. Looking at the checker a day like that seems to be 1 July since you currently have an active streak of 2 days, yesterday and today.

The fix here would be to ask the CO if they feel Lab Caches should be included and if so, ask them to request a new checker that includes them. If they don't want them included you'll have to keep streaking without Lab Caches for one more year or chose to not log the challenge.
by Pleu (12.1k points)
Or you could upload an image showing your current streak on the website, which does include lab caches (provided the CO has not stated that lab caches or virtual caches may not be included)
@the Seagnoid
I would say talking to the CO first would be the smart option anyway, uploading pictures of your stats when you don't have green in the checker might just lead to drama. It's better to explain the circumstances first instead of just assuming the CO will allow it.