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in Support and help by Todiba (120 points)

1 Answer

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What exactly do you want to know?

For just a quick check which cache types you have found in each country, you may use:

For a more detailed view, you can always use the "Map Compare" tool:
Select your username, the country you are interested in, set it to "one found" and add the filter for show archived/disabled.

Voila, you get a map view of all finds in that country.
by clappy (15.3k points)
Does this checker include the community celebration event (another different icon)
it recognizes the CCE, but uses the regular event icon.
If you run the checker, you will notice the event icon in the penultimate column for UK. That's the community event.
Ah OK - using the same icon didn't help LOL - but yes that would explain that