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–4 votes

i would like my stats to be up to date properly however i am finding some inconsistencies

I have been to 3 countries around the world

GC are showing full stats on this including souvenirs, but for some reason Project-GC is only showing the following stats:

the Maps section is only showing 2 countries not 3.

BadgeGen is showing 2 country flags and not 3

and the souvenirs tab of Project GC is showing all of the souvenirs that is showing as proper

Project GC is showing full stats under finds with most favourite points - all 3 countries are showing - all of Australia's finds, the American Virtuals, And the German Webcam

can someone please help as to why some stats are show and others aren't
in Support and help by Team-Ruphace (90 points)
So what you are saying is that you live in Australia - you own caches in Australia and yet you claim (your logging)  that on the 31st July you found a load of caches in South Australia. The next day (1st August) you claim to have found  a webcam in Germany (no one in the picture - so you obviously weren't there) and also 2 virtuals in the US - using the same log and picture obviously not there either !! and then on the 2nd August back finding caches in Australia
Obviously armchair logging and you have the audacity to complain that the stats aren't right
Really !!!

2 Answers

+2 votes
Okay, I had a look into it:
Your statistics tab shows only one country: Australia.
Project-GC recognizes two: Australia and USA.

The German webcam ist on the official souvenir/country exclusion list due to armchair logging (, the US Virtuals are not on this list (yet), that's why Project-GC counts them.

Mysteriously, you have logged Virtuals in the USA (Chicago and North Carolina) and the German webcam all on the same day...
So please, cut the crap about "being to different countries".
by clappy (15.3k points)
0 votes
If you want your profile stats to show that you are the kind of person that logs caches without visiting them all you have to do is to opt out of using the official ignore list for caches that give false statistics. It can be done in settings. :)

The way to actually have your stats being correct would be to delete the couch logs tho...
by Pleu (12.1k points)