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When trying to display the county map for the entire USA the map never shows up even after waiting over 10 minutes.
The county map for individual states works fine.

Similarly, map compare works fine when comparing one county, but hangs the browser when more than 2 are selected.

The behavior occurs on Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Linux and MacOSX.
However, the USA county map displays correctly with Chrome on Android and Windows 10. 


in Support and help by kathysgeek (150 points)
edited by kathysgeek

1 Answer

+1 vote
The thing with MapCounties has been fixed now. We updated the US polygons 1-2 days ago and the new ones used a bit too much memory and caused an error in the server end. If it was very very close to the limit it could have been that it worked sometimes/"randomly".

Long-term we will make a better solution, but for now we just allow more memory usage.

The second issue is unrelated to the first. But the links work just fine here (Ubuntu+Chrome). Generally I would say "try shift-reload", but if you have tried that one as well in multiple browsers it doesn't make sense. The maps are a bit stupid and therefore requires a bit too much resources of the client computer. It could potentially be that the web browser doesn't really like it when too many geocaches are shown. As a test I would add some filter to only show higher rated ones, which should reduce the number of geocaches a lot, to see if that works. Your link showed almost 3000 of them. However, a modern computer should be able to handle 5000. But this might also depend on other facts like corrected coordinates and such.
by magma1447 (Admin) (234k points)