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0 votes

meldet, dass der Tag deaktiviert sei. Das führt bei einigen Nutzern zu Problemen. Was ist zu tun?
closed with the note: Besten Dank!
in Miscellaneous by MuggelM (270 points)
closed by MuggelM

1 Answer

0 votes

Your checker was disabled by the checker system because the system did not recognize your cache as a challenge cache

2.12.1. Type, Title, and Attribute
Challenge caches must be listed as Mystery caches, must have the English word "challenge" in the title, and must include the challenge cache attribute.

By the looks you have corrected this but because it concerns a cloned checker I have to issue a new one

Here is the link

Please place this checker on the listing

by vogelbird (Expert) (55.4k points)