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0 votes
When searching for coming events and looking at type, "Community celebration events" turns up as "Lost and Found" event type instead... (I was so happy that it would be any of those, until I clicked the link ;-)

On December 13th

in Bug reports by Odberger (160 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes
It's correct that Project-GC still uses the old Lost & Found icon. However, do note that the old Lost & Found Events from 2010 and the new Community Celebration Events have the same cache type. The name of the type (and thus of the old events) was changed when the new events were introduced.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (179k points)
Quite understandable, but still, it's quite easy to separate them by using the hide date. Also, PGC already uses the new icon in the list below the map at MapCompare and MapMatrix. I would think that >99% of all searches regarding this cache type actually concern the Community Celebrations, rather than the old Lost & Found Events. Changing the map icons as well seems to me the sensible thing to do.