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Year 2022 is slowly coming, so I think it is time to start thinking about our goals, targets and ambitions for new year, as well as check completion of our 2021 goals.

In 2021, I managed to complete the first loop of D/T matrix, and I will most likely reach a total of 2,000 finds (only 6 caches to go). However, I did not manage to find all missing Polish voivodeships (still 2 of them missing).

I think I don't have many geocaching goals for 2022. The most important ones are:
1) Find caches in all Polish voivodeships. As I already said, I have 2 missing voivodeships.
2) Find caches in new countries. I have finds in 7 countries so far.
3) Attend the Mega-Event in Gdynia, scheduled for June. It has been already postponed twice, but I hope it will finally happen in 2022.
4) Stay healthy and have fun with geocaching!

Greetings to you all!

in Miscellaneous by 200e200w (920 points)
edited by 200e200w

2 Answers

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We hope that the Corona madness will soon be over

that we can travel more again!
by die jankis (560 points)
+1 vote
  • Continue my active 750+ day caching streak.
  • Finish my 366 days calendar for Lab Caches, Puzzles, & Smalls
  • Attend Megas including MOGA, Midwest Geobash, and West Bend Cache Bash having had so much fun at them in 2021.
  • Continue my quest to 10,000 finds, probably won't make it all the way in 2022 but I should get close enough that 2023 should do it.
  • Complete Jasmer & Fizzy
ago by Geokid12 (1.1k points)