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+3 votes

Year 2022 is slowly coming, so I think it is time to start thinking about our goals, targets and ambitions for new year, as well as check completion of our 2021 goals.

In 2021, I managed to complete the first loop of D/T matrix, and I will most likely reach a total of 2,000 finds (only 6 caches to go). However, I did not manage to find all missing Polish voivodeships (still 2 of them missing).

I think I don't have many geocaching goals for 2022. The most important ones are:
1) Find caches in all Polish voivodeships. As I already said, I have 2 missing voivodeships.
2) Find caches in new countries. I have finds in 7 countries so far.
3) Attend the Mega-Event in Gdynia, scheduled for June. It has been already postponed twice, but I hope it will finally happen in 2022.
4) Stay healthy and have fun with geocaching!

Greetings to you all!

in Miscellaneous by 200e200w (950 points)
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7 Answers

+3 votes
  • Continue my active 750+ day caching streak.
  • Finish my 366 days calendar for Lab Caches, Puzzles, & Smalls
  • Attend Megas including MOGA, Midwest Geobash, and West Bend Cache Bash having had so much fun at them in 2021.
  • Continue my quest to 10,000 finds, probably won't make it all the way in 2022 but I should get close enough that 2023 should do it.
  • Complete Jasmer & Fizzy
by Geokid12 (1.2k points)
+2 votes
We hope that the Corona madness will soon be over

that we can travel more again!
by die jankis (600 points)
+2 votes
Find caches in Alaska & Hawaii to complete all 50.

Finish “Cache Across America” series.

Complete 3rd loop of Jasmer.

Complete 45th Fizzy loop.

Complete county caching in 3 more states. (Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Montana, Idaho)

Attend GeoWoodstock in Canada.

Attend GC Headquarters 20 year celebration.

Find the Ape cache in Washington.

Help some new geocachers learn more about this game and increase they’re enthusiasm.
by TheLF (260 points)
+2 votes
Most important goals 2022:

1. Visit Giga-Event in Prague GC7WWWW on May, 14th
2. Complete "Challenge - 360° von Deutschland"  GC58QY2 (18 degrees missing)
3. Find Caches in new Countries (have 21, want more)
4. Some more Jasmer-Challenge Caches (missing 5-12/2000 and 7/2001)

There are some other goals. We'll see what's possible.
by Joker96 (2.4k points)
+2 votes

In general:

That we can travel more again.

Related to geocaching:

I would like to complete the following challenge:

by Grümscheler (1.7k points)
This is one of my favourite challenges. It was a lot of fun with a lot of extra challenges to fulfil this one. It took us years (we only extended the length when we went to one or the other direction anyway).
+1 vote

Always a great question at this time of year - we didn’t manage most of our 2021 goals so let’s hope we can set some new ones which are achievable!

Our goals for 2022 (apart from staying fit and well) are:

(i) Achieve our 10,000 finds

(ii) Organise a special Community Celebration 2020 event in 2022, and celebrate not only 20 Years of Geocaching, but also a world getting closer to its old self again! 

(iii) Try to qualify for a few challenge caches we are still working for.

(iv) Attend at least two Megas - hopefully the UK Mega at Uttoxeter, and (third time lucky) Geonord in France.

(v) Fill our find date calendar with at least 4 caches per calendar day.

Our goals for 2021 were:

(1) Achieve 10,000 finds (well we didn't make it, but we are currently on just over 9050)
(2) Fill our find date calendar with at least 3 caches per day. (Yay! Managed this one - last one achieved on 20 December)
(3) Try to fill in a few more months on our Jasmer grid by finding some golden oldies - we have only 12 months to go. (Nope - still 12 to go!)
(4) Hide (and find) some more challenge caches. (We hid two, and they should be published soon-is)
(5) As we were allocated a Community Celebration event, we hope to organise a special 2020 event in 2021, and celebrate not only 20 Years of Geocaching, but also a world getting closer to its old self again! (Didn't manage this one as rules and regulations fluctuated so much, and now we have Omicron to contend with. Will try to do this in 2022)

by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
edited by GCZ Team
+1 vote

Wishing all a Happy New Year

One goal we had for 2021 - though not considered until later in the year, was to reach 2021 FTFs by the end of the year laugh - This would also mean we could hold off for our first FTF of 2022 to be our 2022nd FTF
A quirky goal (and not just for FTFs but any cache related target) but linking it with relevant years is one that will not come round that often .
So we were quite pleased that we managed to get our 2021st FTF today - we'll just have to hide the car keys in case there are any new caches that may come out tomorrow wink

**Update** 1 Jan 2022 - we managed to get another FTF on Jan 1 and so our 2022nd FTF at the beginning of 2022 laugh

On top of that some other goals for 2022

Complete the Jasmer grid - we have 2 to go and one of those is already in the pipeline - we may manage to get them both by the end of next year.
Complete DT grid 12x - possibly 13 or 14 but certainly looking at 12 - only one to go for that and just a handful for the others


by Deepdiggingmole (13.7k points)
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