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After administrative reform in 1 July 2021, boundaries of counties have changed. Project-GC is still using the old list of counties.

I thought that OSM map is the issue, but no - OSM map is updated according to the new administrative division.

Who should be informed about this or can I help on this issue myself?
in Bug reports by AnsisB (250 points)

1 Answer

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Hi. We (Project-GC, which I represent) is using OpenStreetMap as a source for such data. So you are completely correct that far, updated OSM data is required. We do not however automatically update the data in Project-GC on a regular basis.

If a country has changed their administrative borders, or, OSM has been quite wrong and has been corrected, we will update our data if someone informs us. As you can imagine it's hard for us to manually keep track of the 250 (geocaching-)countries that exists, we just don't have local knowledge enough.

Best way to inform us is to create a support ticket via the orange Support-buttons on the web. But your query has been found by one of us and you can definitely consider us notified. We will look into updating our data.

Our sister-site is currently importing the last OSM-dump of 2021 and after that it will import the first dump of 2022 (not yet downloadable). We will plan for update the region and county data of Latvia once the first 2022-dump is imported. With that import we are also planning to update USA. Expect it to be updated in ~2 weeks time. If you can't see that the data has been corrected before February, please feel free to ask us if we missed it, or something didn't work out as it should. Either by replying here, or by contacting our support directly (if so, please provide a link to this thread).

by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
selected by AnsisB
Wonderful, thank you very much!
Update is now in progress. It was a quite huge change within the counties, not many left now.
Yes, indeed, it was significant and hard reform, but geography is easier now :) Thanks for an update!
All the manual work has now been done. Now it's just data-caches that needs to be updated and such. It could take a few hours, and even a day until it's fully visible. Meanwhile the site will be in some form of middle-state which can cause issues.