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in Miscellaneous by T2D (120 points)

2 Answers

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I don't know of a checker that checks for the find being in different states, but there are checkers that check that caches have the same name. I would start with one of those and then check the state of the founds manually. You have 110 "doublet caches", but 35 of them have a distance between them of 0 meters so those shouldn't be in different states. :)

Here's a checker that checks for just the names:
by Pleu (26.2k points)
Thank you!  So appreciate your response.  I did try to give best answer checkmark, but it says "voting is only available to some users".  I am a paid member, so don't understand that exactly!  Again, thank you for an awesome answer!
I'm not sure but if I recall correctly you need to have a specific number of "points" to be allowed to vote and select "best answer".
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Checker for the same name in a different US State or DC is

For 5 names you do not qualify

For 4 names you do qualify

by vogelbird (Expert) (55.4k points)
Evidently, I don't have enough points or whatever, Vogelbird.  But did want to thank you!  You do a lot for the 'sport' and you are appreciated!