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I have installed the web browser extension with Firefox browser. I am wondering why I am now seeing words related to cache issues listed on the web page for challenge caches underneath the section with D/T, Size, and Favorites.  Seems like something only the cache owner would care about. I have deselected all the boxes and it will not go away. Says something like this:

Cache Issues:

The following Found it logs might not fulfill the requirements:

several cacher names listed here

Please understand that the checker result is a cached result. Also the geocacher might very well have fulfilled in the past, external factors might have changed.

How do I remove this?

in Bug reports by WanderingExplorer (6.8k points)

1 Answer

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This is part of the script, if you want it removed I suggest you comment out the parts of the code under the comment "Add an alert in top if there are Found it-logs which doesn't seem to fulfill the requirements", around line 617-637. That should remove it.

I agree it could be useful to have a setting for it but there currently isn't one and development on the script is mainly done by volunteers so it's more of a "this annoyed me so I fixed it"-process. :)

If you don't have experience with editing scripts this is how I would do it: Click tampermonkey-icon, select the script and click edit. Use Ctrl+F to search for the comment/header I mentioned, add two slashes like this: // in front of the ~20 next lines of code down to the //--. If anything breaks, reinstall and try again. :)
by Pleu (26.2k points)
selected by WanderingExplorer
Thanks that did the trick.