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0 votes
Basically, nothing shows up when I search caches by elevation, filtering to only show caches that I've hidden. I'd quite like to see the elevation for each of my caches, but I can't :(
in Bug reports by Paperballpark (11.5k points)
edited by Paperballpark
I think there is no need to report stuff again every week if it is not fixed. It looks like there are more important things to do. You can always comment on the original question to bump it if you want to have it more on your eyes ... especially if you are not fussed enough to create a bookmark list for workaround.
Firstly, I didn't know that commenting on something 'bumped' it up the list, otherwise I would have done.

Secondly, previous questions I've asked on here have usually been answered pretty quickly, so I figured maybe it hadn't been noticed.

Thirdly, the point of doing it the way I want to do it is so that I don't have to go through every one of my hides and create a bookmark list, just to see the elevation.
OK. I tried and it didn't bump. Sorry for misleading.
This was not only question, but bug report/request for enchantment which usually can't be solved in minutes and by anyone here, but by ganja1447. And even if it is not on the first page, it is still there. You got the answer as a workaround. To solve you will have to wait I guess and this, what can be easily interpreted as "spamming", will not help to get more attention and fix this issue.
To get the context for the others:

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