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0 votes
Is there a checker for JUST puzzle caches or a checker for JUST multis to fill the fill fizzy grid?
in Miscellaneous by nhblues<3 (120 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
There are multiple of them, but you could also just check your profile stats. If you scroll down to the fizzy it says "Type: All" in the top right corner of the fizzy. Click that to rotate through the seven most common cachetypes that you could actually fill your fizzy with: traditional, multi, mystery, letterbox, wherigo, earthcache and virtual.

You can also use the tool "Map D/T matrix" with the filter "D/T type/size" if you're a paid member at Project-GC.

Here's a "master-checker" that shows you calendargrids and fizzys for all cachetypes and sizes:
And here's the checker I think has the best output for multiple cache types:

There are checkers for full fizzy of mystery or full fizzy of multi too, they shouldn't be that hard to find if you search for challenges of "fizzy multi" or "full D/T mystery".
by Pleu (22.1k points)
edited by Pleu
It would be great if all the tables in the "Master Checker" had some kind of heading indicating which test it is. With some of them you can't tell and have to count every time which table it is.
@smellfooth Sure, but there's nothing I can do about that and I'm not sure it's possible in the script. I suggest you contact PattuX with the request since they are the one that have tagged the checker.