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0 votes
Under the hides and finds tabs there is a table with top finders of my hides and also top caches that I have found.

Some of these have names such as Optout489563954673 or similar.

Is there anyway to find out who these caches used to be?

And is there a way to remove them from the tables?
in Miscellaneous by KmanNZ (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
These are users that have chosen to opt out of external sites like Project-GC and third party apps, usually this is due to privacy concerns. You can still see them on so it's usually pretty easy to figure out who is who by comparing your number of logged caches from different COs against the list, but it requires some manual work. There's no setting for removing them from the tables and personally I think this would be a bad idea since it gives you incorrect data.
by Pleu (19.6k points)