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Which owners are active in location XY?

+2 votes
Is there a way to find out, which owners are active in a specified region?

I would like to get a list of all owners who have placed (still active) caches at location XY with radius of Z km around the center.

Is that possible with current features? If not that would be a very neat feature.

asked Jan 12, 2015 in Feature requests by Der Grosse Baer DGB (1,860 points)

1 Answer

+5 votes
Best answer
The top hidden functionality ( lets you filter to a given region/county level (including the option to exclude disabled/archived caches). Unfortunately it doesn't appear to let you add a centre/radius filter option which it sounds like is what you want. You may be able to replicate this with a bookmark lists if you were desperate though.
answered Jan 12, 2015 by mole125 (Expert) (20,060 points)
selected Jan 12, 2015 by Der Grosse Baer DGB
Bookmark lists are tedious to create. You have to add each GC-code individually.
Does your solution also work with Pocket Queries?