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in Support and help by Freakcityteufel (120 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
GSAK would offer the possibility.

The prerequisite would be reasonably resolved elevation models, which unfortunately are only partly available free of charge worldwide. If you use an elevation model with a 30m ground resolution, you can imagine how "cleanly" a peak is mapped in this grid.

Furthermore, these elevation models would still have to be used in the tools. However, this is neither the case with PGC nor with GSAK, presumably for performance reasons (memory space increases massively the finer the DEM is)
by smellfooth (4.6k points)
0 votes
I might have misunderstood the question due to google translate, but if I wanted to see all my finds on a list sorted by elevation I would add all my finds to a vGPS and then use the vGPS as a filter on the elevation top list:

This depends of course on the number of finds you have. I don't know what the max number for the vGPS is.
by Pleu (22.1k points)