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–3 votes
in Support and help by MoVeD (190 points)
Sorry, the question (in heading) doesn't make sense - what are you missing and does that include Souvenirs ?
Now a ticket:
400+ not shown now a month

On GC "Souvenir count: 423

1 Answer

+1 vote
You're souvenirs are not showing because you've hidden them on and Project-GC can't see them anymore. Make them public on and they will show up on the next rendering of your Profile Stats.
by Pleu (23.8k points)
No Effect seen

App Access runs for 3+ years, a different methed for this stat?
Down-voting the correct answer because you don't like it seem rude but sure, I'll explain it again. :)

The settings for souvenirs that make this happen have only been available since March 23, so the "3+ years" are not relevant.

If you checked your profile stats before changing the setting you will have to wait for your refreshed profile stats before you see the change. The change is not instant. Your profile stats are cached/saved for 24h since you're a paid member of Project-GC. If you changed the setting _today_ you need to wait until _tomorrow_ until the change reaches the Profile Stats.

If the souvenirs are still missing when the header of your stats says "Data from 2022-06-21" or if you changed your setting more than 24h ago then yes, there's something wrong and there's need to make a ticket for it.

If you just changed the settings recently and expected instant results then you're just not understanding the system.
H'm.....Just checked and all your souvenirs now show - so it seems Pleu's suggestion did work !!!
If you check the top list you can see that Project-GC has access to your souvenirs now:

This tells me they will show up in your Profile Stats next time they're refreshed since you probably changed the setting recently.
And now your souvenirs are visible in your Profile Stats, like I said they would be.