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Please note I have emailed the person whose name appears next to 'Script name' on the checker (who also happens to be the CO of the cache) - but have not had a reply - however they have not been online for 5 months, and have only found one cache in the last 3 years 

With regard to challenge checker -
I used this today and noted some issues

it came up with this :-

Deepdiggingmole has logged 14 caches from the lists:
Little Bridges Series 1-1000
Little Bridges Series 1001-2000
GCCode Name Date Logged
GC3T4MX Little Bridges #991 TK42 Wooden Bridge, DBRailway. 2016-03-27
GC5BCTY Little Bridges # 310 Donkey Field 2016-03-25
GC5R68Y Little Bridges 484 # Sanigar Lane 2015-09-12
GC5RGT0 ‘Little Bridges # 494 woodland walk 2016-01-16
GC673DD Little Bridges # 745 Wapley hill. 2021-05-30
GC68PC6 Little Bridges #787 Leap Letters 2016-03-27
GC6WBHA Little Bridges # 996 - Stoke Park Series #7 2017-06-10
GC6WEDB Little Bridges # 992 Snave 2018-08-12
GC7247Y Little Bridge #1110; SR#01 - First one 2019-09-15
GC724ZV Little Bridge #1111; SR #02 - The Old Oak 2019-09-15
GC7252F Little Bridge #1112; SR #06 - Duck! 2019-09-15
GC74MV6 Little Bridges #1066 - Battle 2017-05-28
GC76W3T Little bridge # 1189 - Cranbrook angley woods 2017-07-15
GC8PMZA Little Bridges #1819 - Dry Drayton 2022-05-18

Only showing 14 finds - I know I have 26 (GSAK search checked,and confirms)

The checker (using lists 0-2000) missed off 2 finds #278 and #819 which should have been within this range and would have meant my total qualified

Also the checker is out of date as it does not include the list 2001-3000 from which I have several finds To make up my find count to 26

Please note this isn't about me knowing whether I qualify - this is to do with the checker not working correctly 

With not being able to get a response from the original script writer can anyone else help

Many thanks
Tim - ddm

closed with the note: No response from this forum - will try another
in Support and help by Deepdiggingmole (13.5k points)
closed by Deepdiggingmole
Further research shows that the following checkers do not search the full list of Little Bridge caches and so the outputs may be incorrect too