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When (for a challenge) I have to find at least N caches hidden on every day of year (regardless of year) and a specific day is still missing, I need to know, which caches have been hidden on that day (regardless of year).
How can I identify them and show them in the map?
in Feature requests by Hofmannsthal-Gang (170 points)

1 Answer

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This is fairly easy to do if you have a GSAK database of all the unfound caches in your caching area using the Where clause on a Filter "PlacedDate like '%07-14'" for July 14 (I have the date formatted in the YYYY-MM-DD format).  However, if you currently are not a GSAK user, there will be a big learning curve you would need to gain the knowledge of on how to create AND MAINTAIN your database of the local caches.    As I am trying to fill a calendar with Birthday Caches (which are caches that are found on an anniversary of the date it was hidden).  I have gone beyond using the filter method and have actually created a Birthday column in my database and populated it with the MM-DD of the placed date (via a macro) and use that column instead.     FYI: So far I have found 413 Birthday caches on 172 days of the calendar.    That means I still have 194 days that I need to find a cache hidden on those MM-DDs.      A way of finding caches hidden on a specific day of the year (regardless of the year) would be a nice feature for those the do not have GSAK for multiple challenge uses.
by Starkacher (1.5k points)
edited by Starkacher
OK, this might work.
But I hoped to be able to do it online (in project-gc).
Is this possible?
Or if not, is there a chance, that project-gc gets this function?
I was looking for the same filter.
This solution is a great workaround - I was able to use it for my own calendar date that I am looking for.
Just a note, the 'Where' clause statement should not include the quotation marks.  As I am new to this filter type, I had to trial and error it to get it to filter correctly.
For me, I put this in the Where clause, exactly:

PlacedDate like '%12-17'