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+2 votes
Previously, I used the GCStatistic tool which offered the possiblity to add different home locations with time periods applied to them. Thus, every kind of statics depending on your home location was calculated correctly (distances, angles, ...) and that even in case that you have beein moved to another place.

I could not find any such useful feature here. Would not be that difficult to implement?

Edit (2023-01-16): There is your personal settings page on project-gc where you can maintain also other stuff. Why not offer the possibility for custom homecoordinates with dates there? As long as you are not providing anything there, just take the ones from GC.
in Feature requests by tumsi (140 points)
edited by tumsi

1 Answer

0 votes
I agree, because once you have moved and not just within a city but across national borders, a home coordinate makes no sense at all (especially in terms of distance and directions). If you leave the old home coordinate, all new caches found are wrong in the statistics, and if you change the home coordinate to the new coordinate, all old caches found consume the statistics.

In addition to one (or more) home coordinates, it should of course also be possible to enter a date from which this coordinate is valid.

Since the PGC team has often been asked for this, I unfortunately already know the answer ... You do not have access to the user's home coordinate and therefore cannot implement it.
by smellfooth (4.8k points)