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I am aware that as a subscribed (paid) member my stats are updated more regularly than a non-paid member
I understood that non-paid members get updated every week or thereabouts

Just a query I have been looking at another players stats to see how I stand on their list of 'top finders of their caches' - I note however that the figure for my finds is 4 less than it actually is (its 6 now as I've found 2 more in the last couple of days but not counting those in the query) I found and logged the four in question 8 days ago so was expecting the stats to have caught up.
To clarify - I'm a paid member and those 4 caches DO appear in my own stats
I believe the other cacher whose stats I am looking at isn't a paid member and it is on his stats that my count doesnt tally
So my query is can the stats catch up take longer than usual is certain circumstances - I have read the wiki pages on this and it mentions something about some stats taking up to 30 days - but I didn't think it referred to what i am on about here

in Miscellaneous by Deepdiggingmole (13.8k points)
edited by Deepdiggingmole
Lo and behold - after 8 days they now all tally including a find from 3 days ago
It is very possible the issue with the down time on Saturday last weekend may have been the cause for the slight delay

1 Answer

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I've just seen something similar, I logged a find 2 days ago that fills a Jasmer grid space for me but my total find count in PGC is one less than it should be and it's not showing on the grid yet, but when I run the query for month/year needed that month and the associated cache no longer show up.
by TheDoctor12 (150 points)