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0 votes

I'm looking for a Stat Grid of my Finds and ranking that could be applied to any profile I would like to add it to the dashboard or profile page on

The grid would be 5  rows  x 2 columns

Profile Name geo K               Finds: 13,220
 Location                                    Rank
State Illinois                              1,114 guess
Country USA                                ?
World                                            ?
in Feature requests by geo K (380 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I don't believe there is a Project-GC feature for this, but in the past there was one from It seems to be disabled at the moment on the website, but the one on my profile still works and I believe you can just change the URL cacher name:

<img src=''>

so yours would be

<img src=' K'>
by DrAcorn (5.0k points)