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+1 vote
can we have a statistic that would pull up those that completed most Jasmers?

can probably do away with some of the FTF stats if resources are an issue


in Feature requests by t4e (290 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Dosent it already exist at the link below?
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
There's no such thing as Jasmer for cache types,  and how is that easier to accomplish? And for that matter how is any of the "top" stats any different than this? Still needs to check every cacher out there.
All the required data is in everyone's profile already.
Of course there is such a thing, assuming someone wants to work on it (even though most statistics sites - including Project-GC - don't currently have displays for that). But of course it's a worthwhile goal to try to complete your Jasmer using just traditionals, or log a webcam from each month when webcams have been allowed to be published.

I didn't say that this was easier to accomplish, I said that I wanted to make it easier to work on this target. I've made a checker to be able to work on this myself, in the meantime.

Some of the other top lists are different since they are, from a database programming perspective, more suitable for making top lists for. Others, like Top D/T loopers have the same problem as Top Placed Months loopers would have, and that's why that particular top list is not updating "live" but only a few times per day. The reason we have one of those tables and not the other is that there are many many more people who are able to complete the D/T matrix than all the placed months, and way more people working on doing it many times.

And it's not quite true that the required data is in everyone's public profile. We don't pre-process the public profile for all existing users. We pre-process the public profile for active users of Project-GC, but that is far from all cachers in the world. If you look at the profile for some other users, we will render that on demand. That works for a single profile, but for all the missing thousands and thousands of users it would take way too long time.
Jasmer loops They don't stop at 4, once all the caches for a month are found you keep counting. I am at 5 working 6. I am sure there are cachers out there that have more.
They stop at 4 because there are only 4 August 2000 caches which is exactly what your personal stat page shows. I suppose it's possible for someone who started caching in 2000 or 2001 to have more than 4 loops. On the other hand people trying to fill in the "month placed" grid wasn't a common goal then. The original Jasmer wasn't placed until 12/2008. As far as this discussion goes though, what the most possible is doesn't matter. It would be interesting to see if someone has more than 4. Yet another reason to create the stat.
RustyRats: As far as I can see you are currently at 2, and as has already been said: unless you have logged now-archived caches for August 2000 you won't be getting higher than 4.