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+2 votes

I'm missing one feature: The posibility to combine the "favourite search" with "compare map", or maybe there exists a way that I just haven't found yet.

When would this be useful? When I'm planning a trip with a friend to an area whe both me and him/her already has logged some caches. Then we would like to filer out.. the best caches that niether of us have found before.

Today I can search for caches that niether of us have found (compare map), and the best caches in the area (favourite, favorite %, wilson) but I can't combine these two results in some way?

in Feature requests by tomastomas (710 points)
Very nice feature that may help you too.
I did'nt know it before it was presented to me as a hint
Did you know? (#36)

That you can use Map compare without actually comparing with someone else? Ie, a regular map with filters for yourself.

1 Answer

–1 vote
Again I will recommend tool called "Custom Filter" (paying members only). You can find it when you click on your name on the right side of toolbar.

You can simply create filter for caches having >= N % favorite points and use this filter in compare map. I was posting more detailed how-to-use-custom-filters into this question (little bit different filter, but in some way same):
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
Yes I know I can create custom filters, but I don't think that should be necessary since there already exist a bunch of excellent filters, such as favourite (wilson), favourite (%), and a lot of others.

If the "map compare" could be combined with these.. Nirvana! :-)