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in Miscellaneous by xSPORhunter (120 points)

1 Answer

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I don’t know where you’re looking, but there is this checker tool that lists your finds:

by DrAcorn (5.2k points)
I'm not talking about challenge checking. There used to be a complete list of all my finds from 10/18/19 to the present. I accessed them using the following route: Project-GC home, then chose Search, then where my user name was listed next to Profile, chose Found.
That list now only includes finds from 11/6/23 to 1/27/24.  What happened to the other several dozen pages of the list?
All finds were listed so I was able to search them for specific references to satisfy challenges for one thing.
That's just a hotlink to the The old search has been retired and the new search has a limit in how many caches you're allowed to view per search.

This is a and not anything that Project-GC have done or could do anything different about.