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0 votes
No map appears in Map compare, Map of Challenge checkers, Map regions and counties. In the upper right corner i says Enable Google maps but nohing happens when clicking that.
in Support and help by Långanfans (120 points)
Everything is working as it should for me so I think you need to supply more information about this issue, like browser and OS to see if this could hold the answer to why it isn't working.

For the record the "enable google maps"-button is just supposed to give you the option of google maps in the maps-button, the standard first map is Open Street Map.
It has been working for years on the same computer and same telephone but suddenly this evening it did not work.

Also I no longer can add caches to Virtual-GPS by clicking on the + sign.

By the way, editing my answer set my computer i flight mode ???
I really never have set my computer in flight mode before.
Problem is solved. Hard reset of the browser made the trick.

1 Answer

0 votes
I'm browsing for open question and come to this, it probably could be set to answered too
by Pepegeo (10.4k points)