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+2 votes
At first glance it looks like a very usefull tool. I wil try to figger out how to use it!

It feels moor smooth and compact than 1.0


Ceep it up!
in Miscellaneous by Erik_Los (460 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Loved the finds smiley summary so much, I promptly made a virtual GPS of my hides. A summary of my hides and the last few finds/no finds had been on my mind as a feature request and this does a great job of it.


However the banner announcing its release - I can't turn it off! I can close it okay, but it is replaced on the next screen draw.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.1k points)
Yes, sorry about us being annoying. I will remove it tomorrow. Promise!
0 votes

It looks cool indeed. cool

Is it easily printable if we want to take the list on the field?

Thanks for all the enhancements!



by Carangue (980 points)
The currently easiest way, is to export it to CSV, import that into excel or similar, and print from there (maybe hiding columns you don't want).
Yes I have been doing it that way with the previous version as well.

Perhaps a future version could also integrate some enhanced functionalities such as "export to Excel" or "print to PDF".

This virtual GPS remains in the meantime one the best features that PGC offers in my view. Well done guys!
We will look into export to PDF, with different templates. It might be quite a lot of work though, and different users will want them printed in different ways.

But a friend got some information so that he can design a first template, so that we can try to implement it. No promises of when.