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0 votes

FTF is a non official thing, but here in Austria, the people begin to log events as ftf. Is this in other countries too? For my opinion it's cheating.

in Miscellaneous by vlk22 (120 points)
This has been mentioned before - not so much cheating as you can't use these stats for challenges or the like - However I agree you can't 'FIND' an event, you 'ATTEND' one so you can log a FTA if you want - however folk do log FTF on these and I think the whole idea of holding a lottery to allow the winner to log the FTF is a load of rubbish. Belittles the concept of FTF completely

1 Answer

0 votes

A simple search shows that 5734 people worldwide has done this across all event-types and the record holder have done it 361 times. Some areas have traditions were they have a lottery and the winner is "allowed" to log FTF on the event and similar things so it probably wouldn't be appreciated if this is removed. While I do agree that most of those people have likely done this as a cheating-thing I don't think there's any good solution to the problem.

by Pleu (48.1k points)
edited by Pleu