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Lors d'une recheche de "HiddenDate" par exemple, lorsqu'on sélectionne une ou plusieurs cache et que l'on clique sur le bouton "+", les caches ne sont pas ajoutées dans le GPS virtuel.


Suis-je le seul chez qui cela ne fonctionne pas. Il y a t'il une solution.


J'utilise Firefox sur PC et Mac, j'ai le même problème avec IE sous windows 8



in Support and help by PhilæCat (190 points)

1 Answer

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With a small disclaimer that I might not have understood the French perfectly. It seems to work fine for me. I used this link, , and clicked one of the caches and then the "Add to VGPS"-icon.

I could see the animation send the cache into the VGPS and when I clicked the VGPS in the menu bar I could see the cache in there.


I assume that you are familar with the VGPS system and have used it before. It's important that you have a selected VGPS before trying to add something, ie that you can see the name of the  VGPS next to the GPS-icon in the menu bar.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
Thanks for your information.

It's OK when the site is in English but i doesn't work when the site is in French
Works fine for me in French as well. This is probably something else.

Could you give me the exact link to the page you are using, and which geocache you can't add into the VGPS?

If there are many caches on the map, please also try to describe where it is so that I can find it. Hopefully I can reproduce, and fix, the issue then.
Ah,  I can reproduce it now. I used the tooltip on the map to add caches. I realize now that the issue is with the table below the map.

I will look into this matter soon (as within a few hours).
Thanks a lot for your help
The issue has now been resolved in our DEV environment. Expect it to work on the LIVE site later today or tomorrow.