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virtual gps 2 bug: gccode null

0 votes
In one of my cache lists is a row that holds as the gccode "null". This entry cannot be deleted.

Not sure how it got in there but probably it was inserted with an "add new row" operation.
asked Jan 19, 2015 in Bug reports by bfiu (870 points)
Today this problem returned. I added via the greasemonkey script to a vgps list a new cache that apparently is not yet known by project-gc.
I ended up with a entry that has a gccode "null" which I cannot delete!

1 Answer

0 votes
Is it gone now? Otherwise, what's the list name?

We cleaned out 11 broken records, not sure if they are from the convert or an existing bug. If it happens again we will investigate it deeper. I have some ideas of how this could be reproduced.
answered Jan 19, 2015 by magma1447 (Admin) (211,660 points)
Yes, the null entry is now gone.
My list was not converted since I created it after vgps2 was publicly released.
I noticed the null entry sometime after using the "add new row" operation. One of theses uses might have been with about >10 GC Codes. After that I was missing one Cache entry which probably had not been specified with a valid GCCode. Not sure about that (only that one cache was missing). Maybe I also added a new line in the list during filling out the "add new row" panel.
Just tried it out again and it is reproducible.

An invalid GC code does trigger it: e.g. GC4PCA

Could you please remove the null entry again from my list? :-)
You do not need to remove the null entry since delete on it now works. Thanks.
I took a decision when implementing to allow gccodes that wasn't the database. So that a coming or not yet known cache can be added. I am glad we do not have to remove that.

So, the sanity check of the gccodes are extremely simple, more or less, needs to start with GC.