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0 votes
In Virtual GPS, In top line of screen, name of the current list is only 9 characters long. It's too little to have distinguished meaningfull names in plain english/french.

Exemple: Actives R1 (region1) and Actives R2 (region2) are not distinguished on the top line.

And there is plenty of space before to display a little more characters

My work around is naturally to have the name reversed. R1 active, R2 active, but it force to have shortened names

Thanks for your work, Nice to have only, hope you don't have too much worries and appreciate such feedback too ;-)
in Feature requests by Pepegeo (9.5k points)
reopened by Pepegeo
Doesn't seems to happen regularly, now i see name of list written fix at right expending to left. So no problem at all. I close this demand.

1 Answer

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Best answer
Closed. This because i review all my question and to have this one also 'answered' and green in the list
by Pepegeo (9.5k points)