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This is an idea for a possible improvement to the 'Needed Found Dates' page of the site.

I only have one date on which I haven't found a cache, that being the 29th February because there hasn't been a 29th February since I started caching and I have to wait until 2016 for the next one.  I do, however, have approximately 60 days where I have only found one cache.  I was wondering whether it would be possible to have a grid similar to the one displayed on the 'Map DT Matrix' which shows not only the days where you haven't yet found a cache, but also the days missing in the next 'loop'.  For example, days with no caches could be coloured red, days with the next lowest count (in my case 1 cache) could be coloured yellow and all other days could be coloured green.

This would give cachers the challenge of finding caches on certain dates to complete their next calendar loop and lead to another statistic of the cacher with the highest number of caches on 366 days of the year. 

in Feature requests by 1967kevin (510 points)
I you use the "Needed found dates" and create a ICS file  the desciption of the day contains the number of caches you need to find.
Missing information in that export is the type of the cache if you limit the calendar to type/types
And if the cache has a checker the which most calendar challenges should be abel to have the "Generic calendar checker" displays a grid of needed days but not number of need caches
Created a patch to the calandar challen checker and send it to the script wirter that will display that data
And now I have installed that patch from Target so that the checker reports the number of caches you need to log for each day to qualify for the challenge.
Excellent guys, thanks for your help. It works really well for getting diary entries ready for the next loop.  Would still be nice to have a visual colour grid similar to the DT Matrix so you can see the information at a glance.

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