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Usually I don't only load down the waypoints of caches in an area, but I plan the route and like to have some small things on a print out I can take with me.

I saw the possibility to make notes to the caches on the Virtual GPS, That's already one of the things needed. But what I'd need then would be a possibility to sort the caches so they are displayed in the correct order and then even more important a way to export that to a pdf or print it out (as a part of the Export-options-set).

Currently I use GeoPrinter which is a Chrome-AddOn for but I think that you would do it a lot better.

So the printout should give me the choice which columns to print (especially hint would be useful - maybe short description, too) and maybe print a map with the route on it.
in Feature requests by Tribble_Fun (460 points)
More or less the same request regarding PDF is included (and answered) in as well.

1 Answer

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We have on the todo-list to have a CSV export that uses the ordering and filtering from the grid as well. Though I can not promise that it will happen.

I think that use case can be pretty well covered by downloading the CSV and using excel or similar to sort them.


About the PDF creation. This is an idea we like, but it sounds like a huge project since everyone will want different styles, some more details can be found here:
by magma1447 (Admin) (233k points)
Yes, I think that Excel would be a good starting point. However it would be great if I had the chance to load the listing and hint into the notes.

What's the idea? Having these things on a central document can save a lot of paper. E.g. if I copy the listing of a multi to the notes, I can delete what I don't need and create a more efficient list and printouts. Having the hint in the list does the same. No need to check the Garmin (which crashes 1 time out of 5 when displaying the hint).
It seems like I missed answering a part of the question. More fields will be added to the CSV download. I will try to manage to fix this today, it has been promised for 2 weeks.