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I have logged GCB652 (Europaeische Paesse (2582 m)), but it's not showing on my "Highest and lowest elevations" in the Stats page. It should be on second place. On my friends (Team Thoresen) page, it's showing as it should.

I know the cache might be exempt, because it's by definition a locationless, even though it's virtual. That don't explain why it's showing on a friends stats page, and not mine.

When I ran a challenge checker (, it included the cache, but why isn't it showing in the stats on my profile, when it's showing on his? :)

Please help.

- Vatvedt
in Bug reports by Vatvedt (230 points)

1 Answer

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Did you do it on the same day?

If not give the site at least a week to catch up.

If you did do it on the same day then maybe you friend logged before you and caught the update window.

If you logged first then get in touch with the admin team they are really good at problem solving.
by desertfoxuk (810 points)
selected by Vatvedt
I logged it August 17th 2014, and he logged it August 23rd 2014. I logged it before him. :) I'll take it up with the admins.

Thanks! :)
Among the settings on the Profile Settings page there is a checkbox that determines whether a bookmark list of traveling caches (which this is) should be used for filtering your results or not. It sounds to me as if your friend has this unchecked and you have it checked.
I can't seem to find those settings anywhere. I'm probably looking the wrong place. Where do I find this checkbox? :-)
Go to and click "> Settings". You want the last of the checkboxes, called "Use official ignore list for traveling geocaches".
Theeeere it was! For some reason I kept missing the "settings" in the middle of the screen. Was looking through menus, buttons, etc.

"Use official ignore list for traveling geocaches" was checked. I can't for the life of me remember to ever have checked that, though, but as long as it solves the problem, that's ok. :D Can't even remember to have expanded this menu..

Either way, thanks a lot! :)
The default setting is on actually. :)
Anyhow, the "problem" is solved. :D Thanks to everyone for helping!