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When I was tagging the new challenge cache "GC5M8D9 - North 30° Latitude Challenge - Houston Version (United States)" I noticed something strange on the FTF. The checker stayed red and said missing 53.

But when checking the log TresHntrs submitted they found GC3762C_how-deep-is-this-well-anyway with north coordinate 30° 53.117 . GC3762C is a traditional cache and on 16/5/2014 TresHntrs entered the log.

Why is this result missing?

in Bug reports by vogelbird (Expert) (56.6k points)
Updated my answer with definite proof of that there is no bug.

1 Answer

0 votes
Project-GC isn't aware of that TresHntrs has logged GC3762C for some reason. It could be that it was logged the last 1-2 days, maybe a fabricated find even? I could investigate on what date it actually was logged, but that requires some work.

Anyway, I ran a job on TresHntrs profile, and that was their only missing find.

UPDATE: Checked the database. The cache was logged at 2015-02-06 04:57:44. Unsure about the timezone, but PST I think, or close to. Therefore PGC didn't know, the log was too new. The question is, have they actually logged that one. :)
by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
I'm glad it is not our checker, but after investigating further I found that the GSAK checker is passing cachers which have not completed the challenge.