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+3 votes

A new checker: Words from Word list in Title Checker.

Cumbersome title I know. It was written to solve a bunch of challenges where you have to find a cache that has a word matching a word in a list, and a number of lists, one cache per list.

For example, music albums. Each list is a song title (or the significant words from a title) and you need to find a cache for each song.

Caters for blanks (eg because a song title is an obscure word that wont be in a cache name), can be limited to country and region/state, and can exclude cache types.

Currently being tagged to about 20 challenges (an album series and a box of crayon series)

Sample output:

You have not completed this challenge. You currently have:
1) Plain: GC11367 - Plain Sailing (Auckland) - found on 2013-11-10
2) You: GC30NJT - ON A CLEAR DAY YOU CAN SEE FOREVER (Manawatu) - found on 2012-01-23
3) Down: GC3JGYH - Slip Sliding On Down! (Kapiti) - found on 2012-09-23
4) Love: GC3JK8Q - Love Gold! (Dunedin, Otago) - found on 2012-10-15
5) Last: GC1WTA1 - The Last Post J'ville (Wellington) - found on 2013-01-20
6) Lullaby: No suitable cache found.
7) Street: GC2DAGG - Pahiatua’s Main Street (Wairarapa) - found on 2012-07-13
8) Rainbow: GCNC0P - Somewhere under the rainbow (Central Plateau) - found on 2012-11-18
9) Water: GC1FGTJ - Manawatu Water Gap - found on 2011-09-24
10) (Not required)
11) Home: GC3BV07 - "E.T" PHONE HOME (wellington) - found on 2012-05-12
12) Title \ Untitled: No suitable cache found.



in Miscellaneous by the Seagnoid (Expert) (43.1k points)
Is it UTF8 compatible? ex would the word Sången give result?
Yes, it is UTF8 compliant.

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