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I've just created the script using newly implemented PGC_GetNumCachesInArea function that gives us the opportunity to create checkers for "Find at least XX% of caches available in Country/Region/Area" challenges. Here comes the script:

I hope that the script will work properly. I'm going to develop and improve it in the next few days.

Please let me know if you have any comments on this :)

PS. I'm also not sure if the script name and tags are enough good and descriptive... what's your opinion?




in Miscellaneous by 赏月者 (2.3k points)
Two comments from me:
1. You use the name "percentage" for a parameter, but the value of that parameter is the proportion (i.e., if the value of that parameter is 0.75, it refers to a percentage of 75%).
2. I find it odd to exclude disabled caches by default but include archived ones. I would be inclined to exclude both by default.
Hi sumbloke,
Thanks for your comments :)
- percentage now gets numbers, not proportion - thanks :)
- excludeDisabled was still defaulted to false but it was just a mistake in the description. Both parameters, excludeDisabled and excludeArchived, are defaulted to false by design. That's why I left it...

I also created a checker like this one. It checks for a all or a percentage of find i a county. Without geographical filters it checks in all counties you have find a cache in. You can also specifies if a number of counties are required.
Right now it ignore all disabled archived and own finds. That will be optional later today. It also ignore all event caches. I assume events in the future are included in the number of caches and they are hard to logg today

I also found a potential bug in your checker depending of challenge requirements.
You count all found in an area even if you filter out them in the count of caches. The get fins option dont have a excludeDisabled filter

A lua tip it that you can count lines in an numbered 1...n table with the line below
local nCountFinds = #arrUserFinds
If you do a for over them it is more appropriate to use IPairs because they will be in order then. The output of GetFinds are an ordered array
Also implemented a includeArchivedFinds that include finds on archived caches. The percentage become higher but still no one got a ok.
I know that later published caches results in not ok.
I accidentally introduced a bug while adding more options. Archived was excluded on find but not on caches in area.
After the fix 4 of the last 10 logs still makes it.
The number still don't match. My suspicion is still that archived are included in finds but not accounted for in nr of caches

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