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This might be a question for the official Geocaching app rather than for

But has anyone found a way to import a or -gpx-file into the official Geocaching app for e.g. iOS?

This can be either directly to the app or through migrating a list from to
in Support and help by hotdog1001 (450 points)
You can copy the caches in a pgc list to gc list visa GSAK on a PC.
If you are a mac user I know that there exist a similar program and might work.
I would not consider this a good answer but a possible workaround.
It is possible to implement add caches to gc list on pgc because GSAK does that over the API.
If that helps for the official iOS app i don't know. have not used any official app.

1 Answer

+1 vote
I suggested earlier that feeding the virtual GPS lists back into the website would allow interfacing. The official app only supports pocket queries to be downloaded into the app. As PQs can be generated from bookmark lists, it woudl be great (but is not yet possible) to transfer PGC lists/vGPS lists to bookmark lists on

The suggested workaround using GSAK or other tools is contradictory to the aim to have PGC as a web-bases solution replacing such tools.
by DerLakaiMS (6.7k points)