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0 votes
Anybody that is able to make a checker for this challenge?

The webpage is in both Norwegian and English.
in Miscellaneous by Its_Dozzie (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I do not think this is possible. It would require to know the order of the logs for each cache that might qualify for this challenge. This means that for every cache that might fulfil the criteria all logs need to be retrieved (at least up to the find of the user), which would be quite heavy on the database (if it is possible at all).
by swirlynail (3.0k points)
With the current checker API it is not possible because you font know the numbers of before you.
I don't think it is in principal checkable with only online date. The challenge refers to "place in the log book" and that is not the same as logs on the net.
Logs online might be late or never happen at all but the still exist in the logbook.
if multiple find the same day the order will be online in order of online log not in order of logbook logs