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Creating a checker for the Washington DeLorme Challenge (GCQQ9B)

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I'd like to create a checker for my Washington DeLorme Challenge (GCQQ9B). I see how I can tag a script to use the polygons that define the DeLorme Atlas pages, but it looks like it is more straight-forward to create a dataset rather than enter configuration info for each page. What is the process for doing this? I have linked to a text file containing the polygon vertices below in case this helps.


asked Feb 21, 2015 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Moun10Bike (360 points)
To convert them to the correct format is easy to do if you look at the polygon checker and the config syntax.
One question about the data after helping someone with a USGS map challenge.
Are you sure the coordinates are in WGS84 datum? I have no idea what datum the DeLorme paper maps uses but i found out that USGS topo maps uses NAD27 datum. After a quick web search i could not find the answer. It is probably printed on the paper maps.
The difference at the coordinates in the text filed is latitude  20 m longitude 96m
Thanks - I've definitely made sure that I have datum correct (I've had to sort all of that out in the past for the downloads I provide on the cache page).

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To create the dataset, you need to provide the polygon data to the script creator to be uploaded to the server. The polygon data needs to be in the same format as you would use for the config when tagging the script. Therefore it is more straight-forward to use the config than creating a dataset (since you can do it yourself).

Datasets are more practical for polygon sets that would take too much text to describe, since there is limited space in the config input. Since a Delorme challenge would use rectangles, I suspect a dataset is not needed.
answered Feb 21, 2015 by sumbloke (Expert) (33,230 points)
selected Feb 23, 2015 by Moun10Bike
Thanks for the answer!
It turns out that the number of pages involved in this challenge (90) makes the poly definition too long to fit into the edit field for the tag. I will be contacting lillfilurin to ask about making the data into a dataset.