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I havn't written any scripts, but I found this one (Generic checker for checking number of finds which includes a specified word by Thomfre) and wanted to tag it.

FIrst I tried for an unpublished cache (GC5N59V) and then I tried for a random non-challenge cache (GC3BF9J)

I try to push save, but both "GC-code" and "config" is glowing in red and nothing happens. What do I do wrong, or what have I missed? And should I mark "enabled" or not?


This is what I wrote:


Config: { "count": 15, "words": [ "airport", "aeropurto", "flyplass",  "lufthavn", "aeroporto",  "flughafen", "havaalanı",  "paliparan", "flygplats",  "аэропорт", "lotnisko", "luchthaven", "lidosta", "aeroport", "aeroporto", "flugvellinum", "aerfort", "aéroport", "lentoasema", "flughaveno", "lughawe", "terminal" ], "type": [ "Traditional Cache" , "Multi-cache", "Letterbox Hybrid" , "Unknown Cache" , "Wherigo Cache"  ] }

Checking if you have logged 15 or more caches that contains the word "airport" in different languages.
in Miscellaneous by Henrikvd (620 points)

1 Answer

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The config worked when i tried it. I suspect you included  Config: in that field remove it and it will work.

Blinking read indicates that the config is not formatted in correct JSON

Enable make it visibel to other people. I use not enabld tags as testags on checker. It is also useful if you find that your tag is not working for som reason, leve it disabled unti it is correct to not confuse other peopel
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by Henrikvd