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Checker for GC4C2ET: 123 Tage buntes Cacherleben (Challenge) possible?

0 votes

is it possible to program a checker for this caching streak challenge? I would like to add the checker to the listing.

Requirement 1: Logging 123 days in a row each day a non-traditional cache (without lab-caches).

Requirement 2, alternative a: The streak must consist of at least 8 different cache types (no traditionals and no lab caches), only one type counts per day. (Means for example a 10 cache-types-a-day cache trip would not fulfil the requirement, as only one cache counts per day.)

Requirement 2, alternative b: The streak must contain logs in six different countries (if that is fulfilled, the streak might contain for example only unknown caches or less than 8 types in general).

Besides requirement 1, only one alternative of requirement 2 has to be fulfilled, to receive a  green checker.

Is it possible to set up a checker code or is there an issue with one of the requirements?

Greetings and thanks for thinking about it,
Big Black Dragon
asked Feb 27, 2015 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Big Black Dragon (850 points)

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