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I just signed up as a paying member specifically since I wanted to be able to generate a list (and map) of caches I've not yet found that have corrected coordinates.  I do not remember which mystery caches I've solved, so have no way to go back and re-enter the coordinates in the "notes" field (nor would I want to go to this effort). Reading the comments here, it seems that Project GC cannot actually do this for me. Is this correct?
related to an answer for: Solved Mysteries
in Support and help by DittosMom (140 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
If you go to Profile / solved mysteries, you get a map of all your caches with corrected coordinates. from there you can click the little geocaching logo on the left side of the map and turn off your finds, leaving just your unfound caches on the map. Currently this info does not copy to the list of caches below (there is an enhancement request for this).

From the list of caches below the map, select them all, and click add to add them to the virtual GPS. Click the virtual GPS in the menu bar (you need to be a paid up member) and in there you can remove found caches, leaving just your unfound solved mysteries to download into your GPS.

However as I understand it all this requires comments in the comment field as the the geocaching API does not allow selection of caches by corrected coordinates alone (which means no solution from Project-GC).  If you have corrected coords on caches but no comments then its going to be a evening of hard work for you. Sorry.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (43.2k points)