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0 votes
What started this question was coming across another challenge to spell a word with the first letter of cache names. This particular word hasn't been addressed yet. There are a growing list of checkers that will do this and they all seem to be the same - except for the word(s) to spell. So I wondered if there is a place for a more generic checker that takes parameter entries.

This approach might also address the auto-checker function by making it easier for cache owners to link to checkers.

Thanks for your consideration.

(I searched the forum, but could not find this type of question being addressed.)
in Miscellaneous by schwandt (730 points)

1 Answer

–1 vote
this is what are the "tags" for
by Jakuje (Moderator) (112k points)
I appreciate this response. The tag approach definitely works for reusing an existing generic script. (In fact, I just learned how to do it, thanks to this response.)

My question raises the possibility of having adjustable parameters when a cacher is using the Checker.
What is your use case? What should cacher change if he is using challenge checker? It would kill auto-checkers ...
Challenges should be well defined to be able to automate them. There are some variables (like profile name), that can be used in scripts, but I can't think of any other.
I think the particular situation was spelling "geocaching" (or some other word). Rather than create a new checker using an existing script, I found myself just wanting to enter "geocaching" in response to a query from a script.
I meant use case for "having adjustable parameters when a cacher is using the Checker" ...