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Sorry, I asked it before, but I do not find that item:


I like to see a list of my fullfilled Challenge Caches. Therefore I built a list that is implemented on the MILESTONE Sheet in my statistik.


Today I wanted to edit that list but  I am not able to find the place, where I can edit the list.


Sorry, but since this problem occures the THIRD TIME to me, I think it ist too dificult hidden (for me).


Where do I find the Edit-Possibility, an isn't ther a possibility like FTF-List, that I construct al LIST in GC.COM the wil be shown in my GCP - Statistik.


Thanks for (once more) an answer...



(Sorry for my english)
in Miscellaneous by Thomas0809 (1.3k points)

1 Answer

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I dont think it is impelemted yet. I have not seen that it has been added after the question below
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by Thomas0809
No, soory. It must be implemented, because I have such al list on my MILESTONE-Tab.

I just do not know/find how/where I built it :(

Nevertheless, thank you for your answer
Sorry my interpretation was that you wanted to edit what cache was your ex 1000 milestone like you can do on

The setting are visible if you select go to profile state and choose no profile name. Use the link below and you will see the Settings and add the list there
AHHHH,  yes, the little triangle...

Thans a lot for your help. Now I was able to edit that list.

I hope I will not forget "how to" until I need to edit the list agein ;-)

Greetings from Halstenbek/Hamburg/Germany