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0 votes

Does anyone if there is an existing checker for the 12/12 challenge - GC42GHP in California?

If not, would it be feasible to create one with the various criterias needed to fulfil the challege?

The requirements are as below :

1.  12 different icons earned

2.  12 souvenirs earned

3.  12 trackables moved/discovered

4.  12 consecutive days streak of caching (or longer)

5.  12 different months with at least 12 finds per month

6.  12 finds placed in 2012

7.  12 finds on 12/12 (any/all years)

8.  12 of each type of container found

9.  12 difficulty 5 finds

10. 12 terrain 5 finds

11. 12 finds less than 1 mile, or greater than 1000 miles from your home coords

12. 12 finds with the number "12" in the title


in Miscellaneous by Carangue (980 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote
It it not possible to check everything whit the current API
Checkers has no access to home coordinates and requirement 11 cant be checker
"11. 12 finds less than 1 mile, or greater than 1000 miles from your home coords"
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
All right I understand.

Although PGC technically has access to the Profile data from Groundspeak and the home coordinates:

0 votes
There is no existing checker for this one and I doubt if it iis possible to make one. As stand alone all the items can have a checker but combining them into one checker is vitual inpossible.
by vogelbird (Expert) (55.4k points)
So in essence it would require several checkers, is that what you are saying?

I guess they could be numbered:

12/12 checker 1
12/12 checker 2
12/12 checker 3
12/12 checker 4
12/12 checker 5
12/12 checker 6

Perhaps some could be combined for the likes of the D/T finds?

This does not work for the system all the cachers which pass the first checker will get green as if they qualify for the complete challenge.
Ok I see.

Another suggestion:

How about combining the scripts of each part to be checked in one large script?

Surely some other challenges require several criterias -can you think of any challenge checker that checks different items already, perhaps not as many as 12, but perhaps 2 or 3 ?