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It's me again. :-)

This time I would like to suggest a feature which already exists for owners. It is that "Logs received over time" feature.

I miss this feature for caches. I would like to see a histogram of logs on a per cache basis.

Use Case:

I am interested in the performance of caches. I want to know, when people found a cache over its lifetime and compare that to other caches.

It's rather similar to the owner based "Logs received over time", but here we can see, how logs accumulated over time and see when there were lots of people visiting a cache and when interest in a cache increased or decreased.


in Feature requests by Der Grosse Baer DGB (1.9k points)
But it would also be cool if you could do it by entering the gc-code.
Also if a cache has been archived it doesn't work.

1 Answer

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Yo can do that with the "Logs Received Over Time" page.
Write the nic of the owner add press "get caches" and you get a list of the owners caches and can add them to the graph
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by Der Grosse Baer DGB
Oh, so simple! Thanks! I should have known this. But sometimes one doesn't recognize the forest because of all the trees. :-)