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Can someone please make a checker for this cache?


Challenge: 100 PowerTrail caches


To log this cache you have to have logged minimum 100 Powertrail caches. I guess there is a possibility to make a checker for the letters 'PT' in the cache name??




John Inge Mikalsen

in Miscellaneous by JohnInge (2.7k points)

2 Answers

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Best answer

I tested this checker for Team Karlsen and the result was 752 caches on the powertrails

<a href="">Project-GC Challenge checker</a>

by vogelbird (Expert) (52.6k points)
selected by JohnInge
Awesome. Excellent work. I like the challenge
+1 vote
If it is enough for you to match PT in cache name, then here is it:
by Jakuje (Moderator) (112k points)
Thanks! I guess that will do. It will probably not be a 100% correct, but I guess people will figure it out. If they have one cache with another word containing 'pt' in the cache name, the world would not go under, I guess :)

Quick reply :)
You are welcome. After I post it I tried it and started searching for error, because it showed me that I don't have any. But it is like this. I don't have any cache on real powertrail :)
It would be great if the checker also pointed out how many caches you have taken with PT, if you have qualified it state just 100. I believe i have at least 600-700 in total.