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0 votes
- Is there a checher for this, and can I make a checker in Norwegian etc? (I understand HTML)
in Miscellaneous by Hemal (360 points)
Yes is in theory possible but i would not recommend it. The problem is the number of animals that exist and all forms of the. Depending of the challenge rules there can be other complications.
The problem with tagging a iomplete checker is that it will result in false negatives
OK, thanks! Maybe it is better to update a public bookmark-list/pocket query with relevant caches, so people can check findings there. :)

1 Answer

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As Target said, this is in general very tricky with all different animal names (or any names for that matter) in one (or even more) languages and dialects. The suggestion you put forward is possible as a Challenge Checker can read information from a bookmark list and check against it. But this means you have to manually select all caches that qualify and keep the list up to date. Could be quite a lot of work. Probably it is easier for the geocacher to go through his/her found list manually, as he/she knows the lingual oddities the best.
by swirlynail (3.0k points)
selected by Hemal